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The Touch of a Child

Sister Larainne Lauter, OSU, is the Executive Lead for Water with Blessings. A Louisville based nonprofit dedicated to delivering “Clean Water for God’s Thirsty Children.” In April of 2018, Sister Larrainne was in Haiti. Her organization has the bold hope of eradicating cholera in the island nation. Her work there included a visit to a cholera ward of a small, ill-equipped hospital in Verrettes. While walking through the ward, a young child reach out, and Sister Larrainne did the same. The two held hands for a moment, Sister’s eyes teared. Her work seeks to eradicate such suffering. It was an amazingly touching moment, We were fortunate to capture an image that so clearly illustrates the connection between a humanitarians and those they serve. (Journey Press Photo)

Journey Press documents the work, and tells the stories, of humanitarian focused nonprofit organizations. We seeks to increase public awareness of that life changing work, produce independent and ethically-minded journalism, and advance the causes of nonprofit partners.

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