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Stories of Humanitarian Nonprofits


Journey press seeks to raise public awareness of positive, life-changing work and advance the causes of nonprofit partners through independent, ethical journalism. We tell the stories of humanitarian nonprofit organizations so that they can grow their mission.

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"Over the next eight days, we drove to Allaire and Dofine and Decouverte. One village was so remote, and the path so primitive, it took four hours to drive four miles. The team in Haiti often makes the trips on motorbike. And if the rains are too steady, they have to spend the night in a church or school rather than risk being stuck in the mud on the mountain.

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Over the past 10 years, Frock's organization group has hosted more than 3,500 children for reading camps, trained more than 900 mothers through a variety of health education programs and opened a health clinic that serves more than 25,000 people in the surrounding villages.

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Fortunately, as of June 10, that has changed with the advanced technology and innovative design of Sawyer Products and the support of the Dreamcatcher Fund. Clean fresh drinking water is now a reality for the citizens of Namaygoosisagagun.


Journey Press uses vivid photography, compelling stories, and short film to highlight the passion and commitment of those dedicated to helping others.  We assign vetted photojournalists, videographers, and writers to document life-changing work and to generate awareness of marginalized communities and those who labor on their behalf. We allow these organizations to focus on their mission as we tell the story.

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How You Can Help

Journey Press is a nonprofit organization that depends on the generosity of others. We are dedicated to truthful reporting of humanitarian efforts around the world. We need your support to enhance the effectiveness of each of our partnering nonprofits by broadcasting their stories to a wider audience.  


Journalism can change lives for the better. Join us on the journey.

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Each contribution to Journey Press will increased the work of those we cover by elevating the stories to a larger audience. Our goal is to change lives for the better though journalism.

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This view inspired what was to become Journey Press. While on assignment in Haiti for Water With Blessings, a nonprofit dedicated to eradicating cholera in Haiti, I realized the need for this type of reporting. Water with Blessings, like so many other humanitarian focused nonprofit organizations, was doing life changing work, but few had heard their story.  After a week of reporting, engaging in a social media campaign, and having the stories published by local and nation media outlets, the word spread and many more people made commitments to advancing their work. Convinced that more reporting could lead to more life changing work, Journey Press was created. Conceived during a government shut down, and born during a global pandemic, I believe now, more than ever, Journey Press can use powerful storytelling to inspire change. In a world filled with bad news, Journey Press will highlight the good.

-Bryan, Executive Director

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