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Stories of Humanitarian Nonprofits

Our Work

Journey Press is a Nonprofit public charity, recognized by the IRS as a 501(c)3, that documents the work of humanitarian focused nonprofits as they do their life changing work.



To document the work, and tell the stories, of humanitarian focused nonprofit organizations. Journey press seeks to increase public awareness of that life changing work, produce independent and ethically-minded journalism, and advance the causes of nonprofit partners.

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Journey Press uses vivid photography, compelling stories, and short film to bring to light the passion and commitment of those who have dedicated themselves to helping others.  We share the stories of  life changing work by assigning photojournalists, videographers, and writers to document this work and create a campaign of awareness. We allow these organizations to concentrate on their work, as we tell the story. Journey Press shines light on marginalized communities and those who labor on their behalf.



Journey Press is a nonprofit news organization that depends on the generosity of others.  To tell the story of these true humanitarians, we need your support. By telling these stories, Journey Press can exponentially increase the work of each of our partnering nonprofits.  Journey Press is dedicated to truthful reporting, your donations go directly to that mission. 


Each contribution to Journey Press will increased the work of those we cover by elevating the stories to a larger audience. Our goal is to changes lives are changed for the better though journalism.



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